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Bonds beyond time abridged is a parody of the bonds beyond time movie. Bonds beyond time abridged is the third ygotas movie. The movie premiered at the youmacon 2011 anime convention on november 36, and was later uploaded to youtube on. Usage attributionnoncommercialno derivative works 3. Bonds that transcend time, is a 3d film released on january 23, 2010 in japan. Bonds beyond time while riding with jack atlas and crow hogan, yusei fudoss stardust dragon is captured by paradox, a mysterious turbo duelist from the future, during a turbo duel and turned into a sin monster. Paraboss, one of the most epic song spoofs ever seen in an abridged anime. Its influence as a pioneering work cannot be overstated, having laid the groundwork for the medium and the community.

Yusei and jaden unite with yugi moto, having lost his grandpa, and take on the evil paradox in a race quite literally against time. If youre confused now, just wait till you watch the next two parts. It stars littlekuriboh as yugi and yami yugi among others, shadyvox as jaden, and theazurecrow as yusei. As the title tells, it is a parody of the bonds beyond time movie of the yugioh. With carson laidlaw, blake swift, martin billany, chris niosi. It premiered at the youmacon 2011 anime convention in detroit, michigan, on november 36, 2011. With the help of the crimson dragon, yusei chases after paradox as he enters a time slip, 4. Bonds beyond time abridged episodes on abridged series. The abridged series often abbreviated to yugioh abridged or simply ygotas.

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