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The need for a water vole survey was recommended in the ecological appraisal report ch2m hill, 2014 1 which reported the results of ecological baseline studies for the dco scheme. You can also get advice for helping water voles on your land. Water vole survey river chater rutland may 2019 youtube. Norwich road, attleborough water vole and otter survey jba 4 8 august 2018 3 results water voles 3. This supplementary report presents the methodology, results and conclusions. Habitat fragmentation and the release of the mink thought to be as a result of animal activists in reaction to the fur trade, i know you cant. The ahimsa dairy is working with leicestershire and rutland wildlife trust to make our land a haven for wildlife and biodiversity. As they battle their way back from the brink of extinction, under protected species law, we highlight some key facts about water voles, their seasonal habits, legislation surrounding them, and when the best times are to. Water vole technical guidance series in association with.

Water voles in the uk are threatened with extinction. Find out how to submit records of mammal sightings on the mammal society website. Birchall garden suburb water vole survey report filename. This report presents an analysis of all water vole data from the last 10 years.

The recommended survey period for water vole is between midapril and late september, when they are most active. They include a search for signs of water voles up to 2m from the water s edge along all watercourses or pond banks that might be affected by a proposal. This report summarises the findings of water vole arvicola amphibius surveys conducted in september 2017 on land to the north and west of the a414 road on the western outskirts of welwyn garden city, hertfordshire ordnance survey grid reference. They include a search for signs of water voles up to 2m from the waters edge along all watercourses or pond banks that might be affected by a proposal.

Abergelli power limited apl, a subsidiary business of drax group, wishes to build a gasfired power station on land located at abergelli farm, south of felindre, adjacent to the national grid gas compressor station and to the north of the m4 motorway the project includes a power generation plant and its electrical and gas connections. Report a water vole sighting peoples trust for endangered species. Water voles have a wide distribution across europe where populations are generally. An otter and water vole survey was also undertaken during the site visit.

West road, sawbridgeworth water vole survey jba 1411 9 may 2014 4 evaluation and conclusion 4. Within the survey period at least two survey visits are recommended. The network of expert volunteer recorders is critical to water vole conservation. Standing advice for planning consultations protected. One ditch section had hard revetment installed 5 years before survey. Knowledge of where water vole colonies are helps support conservation efforts, so if you would like to help please report your sightings.

Read on to learn a little about water voles and water vole surveys in our water vole guide. The national water vole database and mapping project was established in 2008 by the uk water vole steering group to collate water vole survey records, map the distribution of this species and identify important areas for water vole conservation. This report has been produced by the wildlife trust and will be shared with the. The concern was that these were too far apart for voles to move easily between populations. Water vole survey report brook meadow conservation group. Otter surveys can often be completed in tandem with water vole surveys. The active survey and breeding season runs from midapril to midseptember. Surveys may be requested by either the planning authority or the environment agency.

Water voles in the middle level wildlife trust bcn. Water vole surveys are seasonally constrained, with the optimal time being from april to september. This is protos llp ince park water vole survey report efw facility, plot 8 protos 3 660941 1 introduction 1. C122 fairford water vole survey report september 2018. You can also get advice for helping water voles on your land and learn more about this wonderful creature via the links below.

Otter, water vole and whiteclawed crayfish report at. Water voles are a native species that used to been seen down our waterways very recently up until the last 30 years or so. The section surveyed included an 80m long section of coldhams brook as indicated within the map in figure 1. All of them had water vole in at least one survey, and only one had water vole signs recorded in 2005 only. Can you survey a site for water voles by taking part in the national water vole monitoring programme. Updated preliminary ecological appraisal report and otter. Water voles are fully protected under uk law and it is an offence to deliberately capture, injure or kill them or to damage, destroy or obstruct their breeding or resting places. Crewe green link road south otter and water vole report. This is the best way to find out how our water voles are doing. As a result, the easiest method for detecting water voles is. Our current survey is based around annual recording following special guidelines. The latrine data were used to quantify water vole occupancy at the different management types, and the feeding signs data.

A water vole survey was requested to ascertain the potential presenceabsence of water voles. Trained volunteers and the ccsp officer carried out 39 surveys on the river chess and its tributaries between chesham and chorleywood. If you cannot take part in the national water vole monitoring programme and would like to record a oneoff sighting, please follow the link below to find your local environmental record centre. As a result, lancashire county councils ecologists raised a request for further survey work, comprising an appropriately timed water vole survey. Introduction the purpose of this document is to set out the knowledge, skills and experience required to survey, disturb, handle or to carry out research works hereinafter referred to generically as survey for the water vole arvicola.

Undertake presence and absence surveys of the affected watercourses and ditches to identify evidence of water vole. Water vole survey riverside energy park 1 introduction 1. Llp to undertake an updated preliminary ecological appraisal pea and protected species scoping survey of land at great yarmouth marina, norfolk, nr30 4bz grid ref. The first year of the project will be undertaking presenceabsence surveys at three key locations. River chess 2017 chilterns area of outstanding natural.

Otter and water vole survey report national infrastructure planning. Water voles, otters and mink wildlife trust for beds. As most of the vegetation will be dying back over the winter months, the spring survey should indicate. Previous research and surveying has identified that the distribution and abundance of water voles has declined significantly in the uk over the last few decades. You can help by volunteering for our national water vole survey to regularly monitor. This report presents the findings of surveys for water vole arvicola amphibius and otter lutra lutra undertaken by jacobs uk ltd. Land at watt streetwhalley road, clitheroe, bb7 9ed. The water vole arvicola amphibius is a secretive, often nocturnal animal which makes surveying them directly relatively difficult. About water vole surveys the best time to conduct water vole surveys is during the breeding season when theyre most active. Water park trust cwpt identified a particularly strong population of water voles on the.

Our survey reveals whether watercourses up to 500m from your site contain evidence of water voles. Record and map signs of water vole and other small mammals. The effectiveness of installing coir roll revetments to. The overall aim of this survey was to provide baseline. Water vole survey merchant fields, cleckheaton report reference.

Water vole survey report by kayleigh brookes here is a very interesting and informative report, written by mammal recorder linda biddle, detailing the reintroduction of water voles to rutland, their subsequent monitoring and results. Abergelli peir 2018 otter and water vole survey report. Otter and water vole survey report the yorkshire and humber ccs cross country pipeline development consent order under regulation 52a of the infrastructure planning applications. The water vole arvicola amphibius formerly terrestris is the largest species of vole in britain and inhabits canals, rivers, streams, ditches and other wetland areas. Ratty the character in the book wind in the willows written by kenneth grahame was actually a water vole and not a rat. Water vole surveys it used to be the case that water voles populated nearly every river and stream in england, wales and scotland. Water vole survey acer ecology cardiff, exeter and london. Enlarge and expand conservation projects to protect and enhance water vole populations at a landscapescale, to help water vole populations recover and reoccupy their former range and distribution monitor water voles continue to monitor water vole populations and invest further in volunteers to help survey. National water vole database and mapping project by hiwwt. Survey work at each of these sites involved recording water vole droppings, latrines and feeding signs on floating wooden rafts which acted as artificial latrine and feeding platforms and on the adjacent bank. In recent decades however their distribution has decreased by 90% and their survival is more important than ever. In 2011, water vole signs were recorded in 4 widely separated areas of the brook. For the purposes of this survey the survey area for otter and water vole includes all watercourses and waterbodies within a buffer of 200m to infrastructure and for badger all land within a buffer of 200m. Water vole survey report brook meadow nature reserve october 19 page 3 of 11 2 introduction the purpose of the water vole survey is to provide accurate data to assist brook meadow conservation group on appropriate management of the site and to ensure suitable consideration.

Detailed surveys ross 2006 established strong populations of water vole in. In 2015 we launched the first national survey for 20 years that will guide the way for urgent action. The national water vole database and mapping project was established in 2008 by the uk water vole steering group to collate water vole survey records, map the distribution of this species and. In 2014 the number of signs had increased and expanded. To satisfy this request, ribble ecology undertook a water vole survey on the 16th april 20. At acer ecology, we undertake a range of ecology and protected species work and regularly carry out water vole surveys. Water vole facts to keep your projects on track thomson ec. The survey was carried out by belinda wiggs ba hons, senior ecologist mcieem and aran leaf ecologist bsc hons grad cieem. As the site is situated next to the sabden brook and an active otter. The latest water vole survey report from the cotswold. Water vole survey report brook meadow nature reserve october 19 page 2 of 11 document history and status document control prepared by sarah hughes community wildlife officer for chichester district council 1 summary this is a brief summary of findings and recommendations made from the water vole surveys. Water voles are the largest species of vole in britain.

Any such party relies upon the report at their own risk. Water vole survey habitat assessment, presenceabsence. The report we provide includes a summary of the legal implications of water voles on the site, and theenhancements and mitigation we recommend to help you achieve a successful planning application while protecting these rare mammals. Water voles are herbivorous and feed primarily on the lush aerial stems and leaves of waterside plants during the growing season, and the roots and bark of woody species such as willow, together with the rhizomes and bulbs and.

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