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Out of deep appreciation to a shunamite ladys hospitality the prophet elisha promised that she would bear a son. The new barbat mitzvah maftir and haftarah book, edited by hazzan sheldon levin in consultation with his cantorial colleagues of the cantors assembly copublishers of the books. A womens commentary to provide an overview of the parashah as a whole. Order now uk order now row, except uscanada out in the uscanada on 1st september 2020. Blood, frogs, lice, hordes of wild animals, dying herds, boils, hail all to get the jews out of egypt and egypt out of the jews.

The parashah has the most words but not the most letters or verses of any of the weekly torah portions in the book of genesis, and its wordcount. Parsha of the week western wall heritage foundation. Parashat vaera is the 14th weekly torah portion in the annual jewish cycle of torah reading. The parashah has the most words but not the most letters or verses of any of the weekly torah portions in the book of genesis, and its word count. Overview of portion from a torah commentary for our times rabbi harvey fields uahc parashat vayera begins with the visit of three men to abraham. Rabbi seymour rossel is the author of the wise folk of chelm and more than thirty other books, including the torah. Vayera has a lot going on and we have two animations on it one about the story of hagar and ishmael in the desert, featuring evan wolkenstein, and one about how abraham bargained with gd to save his nephew, featuring unorthodox postcast host mark oppenheimer. Jtss extensive online torah resources reflect todays most compelling conversations, research, and teaching from leaders in jewish studyall available for learners around the world to explore and enjoy. A central commentary written by a biblical scholar. This series is designed to connect closely with the restoring kol israel. Gelilah refers to the tying up and covering the sefer torah torah scroll as an honor in the synagogue. The names of the weekly portions are derived from a hebrew word in the first sentence of the portion. A second, shorter commentary from another biblical scholar that compliments, supplements, or challenges the primary interpretation. We know from midrashic sources that there were many other righteous.

For the tribes of israel to be restored, we must begin from the ground up. Avraham and sarah waited years to have a child, and when they are blessed with isaac, hashem commands avraham to sacrifice his son. Genesis through deuteronomy is broken into 54 portions containing a few chapters each. For many readers, the torah is more than the good book. Explore this weeks torah portion, vayeira, with family shabbat table talk lessons, perfect for families with tweens. Preserving tradition in a diverse world is summed up at the outset of her book. The parashah tells the stories of abraham s three visitors, abrahams bargaining. God informs abraham that sodom and gomorrah will be destroyed, though abraham attempts to convince god otherwise.

The first story is of ovadyas widow and the pitcher of oil. He went and got the ram, sacrificing it as an allburned offering in his sons place. Our faculty and teachers bring the depth and breadth of jts learning directly to you through a rich collection of contemporary jewish content. Year 3 of the maftir reading is the traditional maftir the. The torah portion that seals the book of vayikra leviticus is bechukotai. Teaching the torah and its way of life, fully centered. The text from the prophetic books has several obvious links to the torah portion, especially the theme of miraculous childbirth. Committee on jewish law and standards of the rabbinical assembly.

Preorder here sacks has produced a work of extraordinary depth, beauty, urgency, and erudition. Articles on the weekly torah portion, parsha, from beginner to advanced levels. After adam and eve eat the forbidden fruit, they are banished from the garden of eden. In addition, he has edited some 300 books, working with many distinguished jewish authors. Interpersonal laws ranging from the treatment of slaves to the exhibition of kindness to strangers are listed. This page contains a link to every dvar torah ive written since 2003 at least, every one to which i can currently dig up a working link, sorted by parsha as an fyi. The fourth reading from the book of genesis is named vayera. November 16, 2019by ariella rosen commentary vayera. Haftarah readings generally follow the ashkenazi tradition. Another deathbed scene the torah is a book of laws, 248 positive mitzvot and 365 negative commandments that set. And so it was when gd destroyed the cities of the plain, and gd remembered avraham, so he sent lot from amidst the upheaval breishis 19. Torah tuesday intricacy of the torah parashat vayera youtube.

In the opening pages of her book, cain tells the story of rosa. This startling prediction raised major concern due to her elderly state coupled with her physical inability of bearing. According to our tradition, avraham was 48 at the tower of babels doom, and he was 99 when the events of the parashah took place. Join our study of the october 29 november 4, 2017 torah. This weeks haftarah is from 2 kings, and tells stories of the prophet elisha, the disciple of elijah, who worked wonders of healing and teaching among the people. Vayera the lord appeared parsha weekly torah portion. In 2008, it won the national jewish book council everett family foundations jewish.

Divrei torah words of torah refers to a commentary, a sermon, or devotional on the torah portion of the week. Our commentary is focused pretty closely on the roles and responsibilities of man and woman as revealed in scripture, marriage, family and biblical headship. The laws of the torah do not permit parents, or even legal authorities, to expel a son or. The answer comes from the torah in this week s portion vayeira, and is attributed to no greater authority than god. The haftarah is connected to the torah portion, vayera, through the themes of desperation and new hope, and in one particularly striking. This computer program is protected by law and international treaties. Nov 15, 2019 this weeks torah portion commentary for vayera, genesis 18. Abrahams tests pdf vayera slides pdf vayera notes pdf overview of vayera pdf this weeks portion, vayera, continues with abrahams story. Avraham sought out wayfarers and passersby, invited them in.

Just yesterday, someone said to me, israel began as a man, he became a family and then they became tribes. Against this background, this weeks reading presents us with an anomaly. Torah for teens in this parasha, three visitors come to tell abraham his new name that sarah her new name will have a son. The text describes what kind of animal to bring a yearling lamb or baby goat without blemish and who should eat it each family, gathered together as a household. Mar 26, 2019 the parsha hashavua in 3 minutes, aka the animated torah portion of the week. It immediately continues, on shabbat one may save from a fire the torah case along. Torah reading, haftarah, links to audio and commentary. Continue reading download an mp3 of the audio commentary. The new book by rabbi lord jonathan sacks out on 12th march 2020. Nov 14, 2019 this weeks torah portion, parashat vayera, is a study of the contrasts that quickly emerged from this new multicultural reality. Year 3 of the maftir reading is the traditional maftir the torah script of the maftir matches the script of the torah. For i have known him, because he shall command his children and his house after him, that they will guard the way of gd, to do righteousness and justice 18. The torah portions site follows the passages of scripture that are read aloud in jewish synagogues every week. The prophesy comes true, and they name their son isaac.

One of the threewho are angels disguised as menannounces that, in exactly one year, the barren sarah will give birth to a son. However, as rich as those stories are, this week something in the haftarah caught my eye. The torahs greatness can be attributed to its literary uniqueness there really is no other book quite like it and to its remarkable place at the foundation of three major religions. The answer comes from the torah in this weeks portion vayeira, and is attributed to no greater authority than god. It means and he appeared because the first story describes how the lord appeared to abraham one day as he sat outside his tent. Elisha served the jewish people as their mentor and protector, and this weeks haftorah relates two of the miraculous incidents that he performed. In this torah portion, three guests arrive at abraham and sarahs tent. Sarah laughed because she could not believe that she would have a son at her age. Torah portion readings and the associated haftarah readings generally follow the stone edition chumash andor the complete jewish bible. Weekly torah reading schedule entire year weekly psalms tehillim schedule. Verse numbering generally follows the hebrew tradition, and where modern christian traditions differ those verse numbers are shown in parentheses. The kids are watching this weeks torah portion, vayera, begins with our patriarch avraham sitting outdoors, in. A great way to introduce yourself to the hebrew bible, keep up with your synagogue or prepare for a big event, like a. The prophet elisha, like abraham, seeks every opportunity to practice lovingkindness and bring relief and blessing wherever he goes in the course of his ministrations.

Torah portions schedule download or order our free torah portions reading schedules for 5778 201718. The class offers many insights from the midrash and oral teachings about abraham. Section vayera continues with the series of tests of faith for abraham, concluding in one great and final trial. For me, the torahs greatness comes from the way it integrates artistry and meaning. Book of genesis torah portion the forge of music bereshit tower of egotism noach oathbrothers lech lecha escape from sodom vayera reconciliation chayei sarah rebeccas crisis toldot the shepherds kiss vayetze rachels gambit vayetze death pangs vayishlach josephs egyptian attorney vayeshev benjamins fear miketz joseph revealed vayigash the first antisemite vayechi book of exodus torah. The early history of humanity as told in the torah is a series of disappointments.

Vayeira, vayera, or vayera is the fourth weekly torah portion, parashah in the. The new barbat mitzvah maftir and haftarah book 04 vayera. Abraham welcomes three visitors, who announce that sarah will soon have. The portion, vayera the lord appeared, begins with the story of the three angels that came to abraham and told sarah she would have a son. Explore the weekly torah portions, commentaries, and listen to scripture readings, and get the free torah reading schedule. A compendium of postbiblical interpretations highlighting issues related to women.

The answer comes from the torah in this weeks portion vayeira, and is. Portion summary now abraham journeyed from there toward the land of the negev, and settled between kadesh and shur genesis 20. The parashah tells the stories of abrahams three visitors, abrahams bargaining with god over sodom and gomorrah, lots two visitors, lot. This week we will continue our torah study by completing this weeks. Parsha summary for parshas vayera 5778 by rabbi berel wein. God visits the sick, disguised angels eat bread and meat, sodom is overturned, lot gets drunk, sarah laughs and gives birth, a truce is sworn over seven sheep. It immediately continues, on shabbat one may save from a fire the torah case along with torah, and the tefillin case with the tefillin. Listen to the current portion readings from the tree of life version here. Abraham then looked up and saw a ram caught by its horns in a thicket. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a creative commons attribution 3. Following is a torah portion series dealing with family structure and function as defied by the torah. Vayeira, vayera, or va yera hebrew for and he appeared, the first word in the parashah is the fourth weekly torah portion, parashah in the annual jewish cycle of torah reading. His name was itzik manger, and the bible was the book he loved most in the world, especially. Even more does the story of the shunammite and her child recall the story of sarah.

This weeks torah portion is vayera, which is a series of dramatic narratives concerningavraham and his family, concluding with the famous binding of yitzhak on the altar. Nov 10, 2019 parashat vayera and he appeared here are the torah, haftarah and suggested brit chadasha new testament readings for this week. Vayisa avraham eteynav vayar vehinehayil achar neechaz basvach bekarnav vayelech avraham vayikach ethaayil vayaalehu leolah tachat beno. Five books of story, law, and poetry divided into 54 weekly portions. Hebrew for and i appeared, the first word that god speaks in the parashah, in exodus 6. A community of messianic youth strengthening the bonds of faith through events and learning opportunities. Nov 04, 2014 this week the torah class covers parashat vayera, the fourth portion of genesis, which covers genesis 18. Avraham dedicated his entire life to sharing the good news that there is one gd in the world, and that all we have comes from him. He is visited by three visitors two angels and the preincarnate yeshua who give them the good news of isaacs birth. They inform abraham that god will give the elderly sarah a child. According to this understanding, ishmael did nothing bad at all, and sarah. Within this framework, and depending on the context, the term torah can mean. The book of vayikra is known as the torah of the kohanim priests, meaning it details the halachot, the jewish laws, relating to kohanim and to their work in the temple, with focus on offering sacrifices.

In this weeks torah portion, parashat bo, the israelites are given precise directions for how to prepare and eat the passover sacrifice. This deep dive into the torah employs jewish commentary and ancient christian texts to. He welcomes them with generous hospitality, and they promise that sarah will soon bear a son. Vayera is the 4 th parsha portion of sefer scroll ofbook of breisheet genesis. Nov 11, 2019 rabbi hertz noted the parallels between the torah portion and the haftarah. Divrei torah, inspiration, ethics and stories for all ages. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this program, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Even if that means you have to lie, it is a mitzvah. God visits the sick, disguised angels eat bread and meat, sodom is overturned, lot gets drunk, sarah laughs and gives birth, a truce is sworn over seven sheep and a well, and a father and son meet the ultimate test of faith on a jerusalem mountaintop and what it all means according to scholars and mystics from moses to today. The spiritual quest, a childs bible, when a jew prays, when a jew seeks wisdom, a thousand and one chickens, and managing the jewish classroom.

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